Love Is The Answer

Today marks a shift.  A tilting of scales in history to redefine society as we know it.  Australians voted YES in a non-obligatory, non-binding postal plebiscite vote in favour of  same-sex marriage today.  While this is a resounding victory for the LGBTQI community, I know many will bear the scars of this battle for their lifetime.  

Some of my queer friends will look on those numbers as a line drawn in the sand.  For many, the discrimination will remain the same in their eyes, it only provides them with a quantifiable amount.  To put it into perspective, two out of every five people they pass on the street don't feel comfortable with them marrying the person they love.  This breaks my heart.  I can openly display my love for my husband whenever, wherever I want.  If anyone ever expressed their discomfort for my affections, I would tell them to fuck off.  This is because I feel as though I have a right to hold my husband's hand.  I have a right to kiss him when I want to.  It's a right we all deserve as people.  

It's difficult for me to write this because I will never know exactly how it feels to be discriminated against in this way.  I can only try to understand and fight the battles alongside my friends who deserve more from life.  From someone who dedicated my entire adult existence to love and exploring the relationships it fostered, I understand how it shapes you and defines you as a human being.  How love forges new pathways to understanding your own self as a person on one of the deepest levels.  Love fills you up to your outer limits until you start to come apart at the seems and overflow with it.  It's so powerful that it permanently changes you.  To have that element of yourself stripped away or not even allowed to grow in the first place is an affront against humanity.  Everyone should have the right to experience love in a way that isn't influenced by society, the government or religion. Love is bigger than anything else we can ever experience.  Love is the answer.

That's why we must buoy this storm by providing as much support as we can possibly muster.  Instead of looking at the 38%, we need to focus on the inverse.  There are a huge amount of people in Australia who want to fight this fight.  We are fighting and we will win.  It's only a matter of time.  Until then, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are magic.  Don't let the fearful few delegate how you live your life.  I heard this recently and it rang true for me; don't let anyone into your mind who you wouldn't invite into your house.  To elaborate, I sure as hell wouldn't invite Tony Abbot into my house and neither should I invite any of his ill-informed opinions into my mind and engage with them.  I won't entertain him or his ideas and that's the end of it. Easier said than done, but it's certainly something I'll be striving to do.

Hopefully this YES turns into a FUUUUUUUK YAAAAAAS before 2018, when we'll truly have something to celebrate. Until then, love is love. xx